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CX Index™ is a pioneer in developing solutions* that enable businesses to get the most from feedback; the metric for Customer Experience (also known as CX).

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*Aberdeen research examined performance of 300 companies and found those using best practice in gathering feedback saw a 26% increase in retention, a 26% increase in satisfaction and a 19% increase in Customer led innovation within one year.

Our Customers

  • Award winning

    Proud winner of the 2015 Ovum on the
    Radar Award for innovation in Customer

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  • Award winning

    CX Index™ recognized by CIOReview magazine
    as one of the 20 Most promising Customer Experience
    Management Solution Providers 2015

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  • “To measure experience we must monitor each part of the customer journey, not least, the direct relationship our customer has with each of our 3 brands. Because of the specific nature of our business model, we must also track the experience our customer has with over 1,200 suppliers in 30,000 locations worldwide in a range of languages. We now provide reporting to our partner suppliers across all of these locations and they love the insight.

    The clever architecture of CX Index™ enables us to look at data in global, regional, countrywide and location specific dashboards full of qualitative and quantitative analysis and insight. At the same time, the platform seamlessly integrates key operational and ROI data.

    The innovative culture at CX Index™ is a good fit with ours, and we are continuously excited to see a consistent stream of new features and tools as we continue to build context and deliver action. This is a tool I would highly recommend.”

    Michael Cunningham,
    Chief Commercial Officer CarTrawler


  • “CX Index™ is a young, innovative company that has the potential to disrupt the traditional benchmarking industry by delivering real-time, closed-loop, comparative performance metrics that can be integrated with a firm’s operational systems.”

    Jeremy Cox
    Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Ovum


  • “It was very important for us as a growing business to understand our customer satisfaction in a way that wasn’t too onerous for our clients. CX Index™ helped us to design the questionnaire and supported in distribution, analysis and presentation of feedback in a way that helped our strategic planning and improvements in various parts of our organisation”.  Thanks to the CX Index™ team…”

    Carol Massay,
    CEO Easybuild


  • “CX Index™ is a perfect fit for us.

    Not only does it help us garner the best feedback online and push us to be the best we can be, it also enables us to succeed in identifying those guests who need attention where otherwise it can slip off the radar.

    CX Index™ helps us action guests who need special care and makes it easy to open dialogue with guests whilst helping us drive our product, our service and experience for the next guest.”

    Peter Collins, Academy Plaza Hotel


  • “CX Index™ is a key tool to help us manage and improve the experience we provide our guests. It’s a very useful tool for managers at each location, strategically it has given us a clear overview of experience across our hotels, there’s no doubt it’s having a very positive impact on our business.”

    Carlton Hotels


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