Aggregators & OTAs

CX Index™ focuses on delivering competitive advantage by putting data first and software second. The data-driven approach enables us to give a much deeper context and more actionable insights.


We do this by working in partnerships and creating
what we call “insight networks”.

Through strategic partnerships with businesses such as Aggregators and OTAs businesses can leverage the CX Index™ platform to deliver enhanced insights on an
industry-wide basis.

Our customers love this award winning solution…

“To measure experience we must monitor each part of the customer journey, not least, the direct relationship our customer has with each of our 3 brands. Because of the specific nature of our business model, we must also track the experience our customer has with over 1200 suppliers in 30000 locations worldwide in a range of languages. We now provide reporting to our partner suppliers across all of these locations and they love the insight.

The clever architecture of CX Index™ enables us to look at data in global, regional, countrywide and location specific dashboards full of qualitative and quantitative analysis and insight. At the same time, the platform seamlessly integrates key operational and ROI data.
The innovative culture at CX Index™ is a good fit with ours, and we are continuously excited to see a consistent stream of new features and tools as we continue to build context and deliver action. This is a tool I would highly recommend.”

Michael Cunningham,
Chief Commercial Officer CarTrawler


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