Contact Centers

Your employees are your greatest asset, and contact centre staff
are key ambassadors for your business.


The best way to deliver customer experience performance is to empower the front line individuals in your contact center, to do their job and empower them take ownership of managing their own performance.

CX Index™ for Contact Centres

Empowering employees means fostering an environment of trust and helping your team to learn from successes and analyze failures. According to Kinicki & Kreitner, empowerment is about “sharing degrees of power with employees to better serve the customer” (2008, p. 333).

The CX Index™ contact centre suite enables front line employees to track their own customer satisfaction providing a clear picture of the aspects of their interactions that customers are satisfied or disappointed with.

A suite of tools has been carefully designed to enable front line team members to take ownership of improving their own customer service performance, providing the capability to better serve customers and deliver winning customer experiences.

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