About CX Index

CX Index provides a Software as a Service platform to help businesses capture and analyse feedback to improve Customer Experience


CX index is there to
unravel the data for you
so you can get on with making
smart decisions.


By unraveling complex data sets
CX Index gives you the edge to
make better decisions.

CX Index removes unnecessary
complexity and makes listening to the voice
of the customer something that our
customers love to do.



Businesses that performed best
at CX outperformed laggards by
70% and beat the market by over
30%. The impact on the bottom line
is huge.

Customer Experience Leaders
Outperform the Market

*Source Watermark Consulting, 2012


*S&P 500 Customer Experience Leaders outperformed Laggards by 69% between 2007 and 2011.
Source Forrester and Watermark Consulting.


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