CX Index™ works with leading Independent Hotels and Hotel chains. We help hotels to succeed through loyalty management, increased social advocacy and a range of actionable insights designed to drive up customer experience and performance.

Whether you’re a leading multi-site multi-national chain of hotels or an independent hotel, CX Index™ can cater to your needs.


Hotel Directors,
General Managers,
Marketing Managers


Automatically push happy customers onto social media sites such as TripAdvisor™. See which parts of your business are performing and which areas need improvement with specialised dashboards for different businesses within each hotel. Identify areas for improvement and measure success in improving overall guest satisfaction and performance by department.

Benchmark your hotel’s performance on specially designed Key Indicators against your direct competitors. Improve new hire and staff training programs based on quantitative and qualitative guest feedback. Identify the best ways to allocate
resources across your business.

What our clients say…

“CX Index™ is a key tool to help us manage and improve the experience we provide our guests. It’s a very useful tool for managers at each location, strategically it has given us a clear overview of experience across our hotels, there’s no doubt it’s having a very positive impact on our business.”

Mairead Carney

Group HR Manager Carlton Hotels

Why Hotels Use CX Index™


Improved business


Improve Social


Increased Customer


Drive up key outcomes
e.g. Ancillary Spend


Drive Up customer-led


Get the right information to
the right people

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